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Better Dinners. Less Mess.

A photo of Lauren eating gelato in Milan.

“Wait, I have to cook dinner again?!”

Are you a busy foodie who feels like you never have time to cook the kind of meals you want to eat?

I have you covered!

Don’t let a hectic schedule or a life on the go get in the way of eating well. I’ll introduce you to new recipes that are quick, easy, and, above all else, delicious.

That way you have more time to spend doing what you love.


Hi, I’m Lauren!

I love to cook. But even more importantly, I really like to eat!

I’ve always been passionate about food. I love to try new dishes, go to restaurants, and recreate my favorite meals at home in my own kitchen.

Unfortunately, I don’t always have time or energy to cook. I have a demanding day job in politics (in addition to having another recipe blog and having written 5 cookbooks!) and I often find myself coming home late at night or working super early in the morning. For me, it’s all about finding ways to make delicious, restaurant-quality meals at home on a tight schedule.

In addition to writing The Busy Foodie, I’ve authored Healthy Delicious for over a decade and am a graduate of Rouxbe Cooking School. My recipes and photos have been featured on media outlets like CNN, BuzzFeed, FeedFeed, Food Network, and Yahoo!. I’ve also had the privilege of working with major brands like Betty Crocker, Gold Medal, General Mills, Jones Dairy Farm, The National Honey Board, and many more.

When I’m not at work or in the kitchen, you can find me looking for adventure in Upstate NY with my husband, Shawn. We love hiking, traveling, water aerobics, reading, and watching way too much television. I also love coffee, ice cream and Taylor Swift.


Yes! We offer sponsored posts on our blog and social channels. To discuss your project please contact me at BusyFoodieLauren@gmail.com.

Pull up a chair. I’m so glad you’re here!