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If you like making meals in minutes, you’ll love this microwave recipes index.

Many people think of microwaving as a quick way to pop a bag of popcorn, warm up a cup of coffee, or reheat dinner leftovers. But a microwave oven is good for SO much more!

Here on The Busy Foodie website, you’ll find our recipes for microwaved breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even homemade sauces and condiments.

For a quick, easy and delicious breakfast idea, use it to make a bowl of Cranberry Orange Baked Oats, from scratch!

The next time you’re craving BBQ chicken for dinner, don’t use a bland, store bought sauce. Instead, spend 5 minutes to make a lip smacking and tangy Guava BBQ Sauce in your microwave – you won’t regret it!!

Check out all of the easy microwave recipes below!


homemade guava bbq sauce.

Guava BBQ Sauce

This tangy fruit-based barbecue sauce is great for summer grilling, or as a dip any time of year. Serve it at your next cookout and I guarantee your guests will be begging for the recipe.