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10 Inspiring Grain Bowl Ideas

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Tasty grain bowl ideas to repurpose your leftovers

Grain bowls are the perfect way to mix things up when you get stuck in a dinner rut. They’re easy, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

Grain bowls are also a great way to use up ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Go ahead and transform your leftovers into another meal (or two)!

Collage of four grain bowls with a text overlay reading 10 grain bowl recipes.

When it comes to choosing ingredients for a grain bowl, you really can’t go wrong. They’re a great opportunity to flex your creativity in the kitchen!

I have a handy guide to building your own DIY grain bowl that you should definitely check out. If you need some more inspiration or guidance though, here are 10 tasty grain bowl ideas to get you started.

10 Creative Grain Bowl Recipes

Winter Vegetable Quinoa Bowls with Brown Butter
Quinoa bowls loaded with roast winter vegetables, soft boiled egg, brown butter-lemon sauce, and walnuts – winter vegetables never tasted so good!
Check out this recipe
Roasted Spring Vegetable Grain Bowls with Pistachio Pesto
Pesto dresses up a bed of farro topped with roasted or grilled spring vegetables. Throw a bunch of veggie on a sheet pan (or into your ar fryer) or use leftovers from earlier in the week!
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Chickpea Shawarma Bowls
These vegetarian bowls drizzled with tahini sauce are inspired by the fresh flavors of shawarma.
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Make-Ahead Breakfast Grain Bowls with Turkey Sausage Meatballs
Grain bowls can also feature breakfast flavors! These are topped with sausage meatballs and jammy eggs.
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Overhead view of three grain bowls topped with sausage meatballs, fresh vegetables, and boiled egg.
Slow Cooker Banh Mi Rice Bowls
Slow Cooker Banh Mi Rice Bowls with pork, pickled vegetables, and baguette croutons is a fun twist on a Vietnamese sandwich.
Check out this recipe
Rice bowls topped with traditional Vietnamese ingredients.
Shredded Mexican Beef Bowls
Slow cooker shredded beef or leftover taco meat make a delicious dinner when combined with rice, beans, plantains and peppers!
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One Pan Honey Sriracha Ground Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Bowls
An easy alternative to takeout, this Honey Sriracha Ground Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Bowl is sweet and spicy. Plus it takes just 20 minutes to make!
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Takeout inspired chicken and rice bowls.
Shrimp Spring Roll Brown Rice Bowls
Vibrant shrimp spring roll bowls with brown rice are loaded with color and flavor! These are a fantastic way to use up leftover herbs.
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Salmon Sushi Bowl
Use up your leftover salmon in this healthy sushi bowl, and easily satisfy that afternoon sushi craving without breaking the bank.
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Closeup image of a salmon sushi bowl.
Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowls with Cashew Curry Sauce
Load up some Quinoa Bowls with roasted vegetables, healthy plant protein, lots of texture & a creamy Cashew Curry Sauce.
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